The Pentatonic Minor Scale


The Pentatonic Minor Scale is a frequently used scale in pop, rock and blues. As the name suggests it is made up of five notes. From the root of the scale (the name of the scale, here it is G minor) you have:
  • The first
  • The third (a minor third)
  • The fourth (a perfect fourth)
  • The fifth (a perfect fifth)
  • And the seventh (a minor seventh)
  So in G minor we have the notes G, Bb, C, D and F   On a guitar the pentatonic minor scale is played all the way up the neck in different positions and can be played in any key by simply moving the 1st pattern (shown below) to have different starting notes. For example, start it on the fifth fret and you have an A Pentatonic Minor Scale.   Look at the tab and notation and listen to how theĀ pentatonic minor scale feels and sounds. Practise slowly at first and build speed over time. Accuracy is more important than speed when starting out.    

The Pentatonic Minor Scale

Pentatonic Minor Scale, guitar scale for beginners



Now listen to the first two patterns of theĀ  pentatonic minor scale played together



Try to write a song with the pentatonic minor scale in it - it can really spice up your records and you'll be doing something that not many people attempt!

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