Refund Policy

  1. Fees
10.1    The fees in respect of our website services will be as set out on the website from time to time. 10.2    All amounts stated in these terms and conditions or on our website are stated inclusive of VAT. 10.3    You must pay to us the fees in respect of our website services in advance, in cleared funds, in accordance with any instructions on our website. 10.4    We may vary fees from time to time by posting new fees on our website, but this will not affect fees for services that have been previously paid. 10.5    If you dispute any payment made to us, you must contact us immediately and provide full details of your claim. 10.6    If you make an unjustified credit card, debit card or other charge-back then you will be liable to pay us, within 7 days following the date of our written request: (a)      an amount equal to the amount of the charge-back; (b)      all third party expenses incurred by us in relation to the charge-back (including charges made by our or your bank or payment processor or card issuer); (c)      an administration fee of GBP 25.00 including VAT; and (d)      all our reasonable costs, losses and expenses incurred in recovering the amounts referred to in this Section 10.6 (including without limitation legal fees and debt collection fees), and, for the avoidance of doubt, if you fail to recognise or fail to remember the source of an entry on your card statement or other financial statement, and make a charge-back as a result, this will constitute an unjustified charge-back for the purposes of this Section 10.6. 10.7    If you owe us any amount under or relating to these terms and conditions, we may suspend or withdraw the provision of services to you. 10.8    We may at any time set off any amount that you owe to us against any amount that we owe to you by sending you written notice of the set-off.
  1. Distance contracts: cancellation right
11.1    This Section 11 applies if and only if you offer to contract with us, or contract with us, as a consumer - that is, as an individual acting wholly or mainly outside your trade, business, craft or profession. 11.2    You may withdraw an offer to enter into a contract with us through our website, or cancel a contract entered into with us through our website, at any time within the period: (a)      beginning upon the submission of your offer; and (b)      ending at the end of 14 days after the day on which the contract is entered into, subject to Section 11.3. You do not have to give any reason for your withdrawal or cancellation. 11.3    You agree that we may begin the provision of services before the expiry of the period referred to in Section 11.2, and you acknowledge that, if we do begin the provision of services before the end of that period, then: (a)      if the services are fully performed, you will lose the right to cancel referred to in Section 11.2; or (b)      if the services are partially performed at the time of cancellation, you must pay to us an amount proportional to the services supplied or we may deduct such amount from any refund due to you in accordance with this Section 11. 11.4    In order to withdraw an offer to contract, or cancel a contract, on the basis described in this Section 11, you must inform us of your decision to withdraw or cancel (as the case may be). You may inform us by means of any clear statement setting out the decision. In the case of cancellation, you may inform us using the cancellation form that we will make available to you. To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning the exercise of the right to cancel before the cancellation period has expired. 11.5    If you withdraw an offer to contract, or cancel a contract, on the basis described in this Section 11, you will receive a full refund of any amount you paid to us in respect of the offer or contract, except as specified in this Section 11. 11.6    We will refund money using the same method used to make the payment, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. In any case, you will not incur any fees as a result of the refund. 11.7    We will process the refund due to you as a result of a cancellation on the basis described in this Section 11 without undue delay and, in any case, within the period of 14 days after the day on which we are informed of the cancellation. 11.8    For the avoidance of doubt, if you purchase a voucher from Groupon or another third party and wish to cancel that voucher and/or a subscription purchased using that voucher, you should contact the relevant third party.
  1. Your content: licence
12.1    In these terms and conditions, "your content" means all course assignments and other works and materials (including without limitation text, graphics, images, audio material, video material, audio-visual material, scripts, software and files) that you submit to us or our website for storage or publication on, processing by, or transmission via, our website. 12.2    You will retain ownership of all copyright in your content, including in your compositions. 12.3    You grant to us a worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to reproduce, store and publish your content on and in relation to this website and any successor website, providing that we will not publish your course assignments or commercially exploit your course assignments without your prior written consent. 12.4    You grant to us the right to sub-license the rights licensed under Section 12.3. 12.5    You grant to us the right to bring an action for infringement of the rights licensed under Section 12.3. 12.6    You may edit your content, to the extent permitted, using the editing functionality made available on our website. 12.7    Without prejudice to our other rights under these terms and conditions, if you breach any provision of these terms and conditions in any way, or if we reasonably suspect that you have breached these terms and conditions in any way, we may delete or unpublish any or all of your content.
  1. Your content: rules
13.1    You warrant and represent that your content will comply with these terms and conditions. 13.2    Your content must not be illegal or unlawful, must not infringe any person's legal rights, and must not be capable of giving rise to legal action against any person (in each case in any jurisdiction and under any applicable law). 13.3    Your content, and the use of your content by us in accordance with these terms and conditions, must not: (a)      be libellous or maliciously false; (b)      be obscene or indecent; (c)      infringe any copyright, moral right, database right, trade mark right, design right, right in passing off, or other intellectual property right; (d)      infringe any right of confidence, right of privacy or right under data protection legislation; (e)      constitute negligent advice or contain any negligent statement; (f)      constitute an incitement to commit a crime, instructions for the commission of a crime or the promotion of criminal activity; (g)      be in contempt of any court, or in breach of any court order; (h)      be in breach of racial or religious hatred or discrimination legislation; (i)       be blasphemous; (j)      be in breach of official secrets legislation; (k)      be in breach of any contractual obligation owed to any person; (l)       depict violence in an explicit, graphic or gratuitous manner; (m)     be pornographic, lewd, suggestive or sexually explicit; (n)      be untrue, false, inaccurate or misleading; (o)      consist of or contain any instructions, advice or other information which may be acted upon and could, if acted upon, cause illness, injury or death, or any other loss or damage; (p)      constitute spam; (q)      be offensive, deceptive, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, harassing, anti-social, menacing, hateful, discriminatory or inflammatory; or (r)      cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to any person.